Couple converts Wyandotte fire house into dream home, preserving history

Husband and wife team Andrea Broecker and Tony McDonald turned a fire station in Wyandotte built in 1929 into their new home.

" We want to preserve this; there’s a ton of history here, a ton of memories here, and we want to turn it into something beautiful, ' says McDonald.

The couple and their realtor Ronald Fox all say this project has come with many roadblocks.

Fox said, " Just going through the city, doing the rezoning. The appraiser that I would say would be the single most wild part of  it was finding an appraiser."

The couple says now that those obstacles have been cleared, they are looking forward to bringing their vision to life while maintaining the history of the firehouse.

"The brickwork is amazing, the archwork. There’s just so many unique things in this building that just make it absolutely stunning, so we want to preserve as much of that as possible," said McDonald.

The couple plans to document their four-year-long journey on social media, and people will be able to visit the home once it is complete.