Couple finds Purple Heart at Goodwill, reunites medal with veteran's family

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A woman found a Purple Heart medal at a thrift store and reunited the precious item to a World War II veteran's family. 

Laura Hary and her husband found the hidden treasure at a Goodwill store in Mesa, Arizona. The priceless military heirloom was priced at just $4.99. 

The medal came engraved with the name Eual Whiteman. 

The couple quickly decided to buy it and try to find its rightful owners. Hary, who said she really respects people who go into the military, posted about the find on social media and it went viral. 



With the help of social media, Hary said they discovered Eual Whiteman served in the Army. He has no children, passed away in 1991 and is now likely buried at a national cemetery in Oregon. 

"I can't believe the outpouring from all over the country and I'm going to search the Goodwills in the jewelry section and see if there are any other medals that need to be returned," said Hary. 

The soldier's family said the Purple Heart likely ended up at Goodwill after being left inside a box Whiteman's nephew donated across the country.

The medal is now going back to the Whiteman family.