Couple rehabs 157-year-old Brighton house, plans to turn it into creative incubator

Anna and Dan didn't know the treasure trove they purchased when they came into ownership of an historic house in Brighton. 

But soon after the title was handed over, the couple discovered a museum of artifacts that went as far back as the civil war. Built in 1862 and located on 142 Brighton Lake Rd, Anna and Dan purchased it in 2016. 

"There's a history you can feel it when you walk in," Anna said. "Just to imagine when it was built, the wood where it came from."

It was originally owned by a P. Cunningham. Dan traced the lineage of Cunningham back to Gettysburg, where he found a Philip Cunningham. Other notable families that have lived in the house include the Lyon family (yes of South Lyon Fame) and a family related to one of the city's former mayors.

Anna and Dan are transforming this historical monument to its 1920s look. Along with the renovations, the duo is also expanding the property, adding a carriage house. Their ambitions don't stop there however. They both plan to transform the property into a wellness center.

"(It's) a place where people can do things that fill up their soul. I think of it as a gym for soul fitness," said Anna.

This creative incubator will feature rooms for photography, raiki and reflexology.

"Kind of like the Costco of wellness where you can do everything at once and not have to go from here to here to here," Anna said, "so I imagine you could go do a therapeutic art project then go take a walk to the creek. That is just very good for your soul."

Construction is scheduled to be done by February of 2020 and feature a dozen rooms for healing artists. 

And, they've already settled on a name: The Brighton Light House.