Court denies DPS request for temporary restraining order (UPDATED)

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A restraining order filed by the Detroit Public Schools to prevent future teacher sick-outs has been denied.

Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens ruled Thursday in Claims Court against the injunction, saying it failed to meet requirements necessary for approval.

DPS filed the injunction Wednesday after 88 schools were canceled due to sick-outs.

The court ordered both parties to appear at the Michigan Court of Appeals in Detroit on Monday for another hearing.

Detroit teachers have been holding sick-outs at various times this school year to protest conditions in the school and the plan set by Governor Rick Snyder to relieve the district of debt. 

(UPDATE 5 p.m.): The Detroit Public Schools have issued a response to the judge's ruling.

In a statement by Michelle Zdrowski, DPS director of communications, she said:

"It's extremely important that the court play a role in the resolution of this issue. We look forward to the opportunity to inform the court of the serious effects that these continued sick outs have on the District, its students and their families at the hearing on Monday."