Cousins plan anti-gun violence rally marking 10 years since sons' unsolved murders

Saturday, June 26th, will mark ten years since two young men were killed inside a home and it was then on set on fire. In those ten years, the double murder remains open and for the family, it's heartbreaking every morning.

Rhonda Siders and her cousin, Mia Reid, both lost their sons to violence on Detroit's west side back in 2011. Martez Norwood, 26, and Charles Reid, 24, were both shot and killed inside the home before it was burned to the ground.

"It's hard. It's very hard. It's like the first day that it happened," Siders said. "Not knowing (what happened), no answers, not knowing who did it...not knowing anything."

Through the past decade, she credits her faith in God for getting her through. Together, Rhonda and Mia have forgiven the people responsible but they can never forget.

After the murders, Rhonda left Michigan and Mia sought out professional help before she eventually became a mental health therapist offering grief counseling and committing her life to end gun violence.

She also started the Charles W. Reid community help center two years ago in her son's honor.

"Knowing that Blacks are disproportionately impacted by gun violence - and are ten times more likely to die - this work I do, this is what gives me justice. This is my justice," she said. "The work that we do is to instill stability and let people know they're not alone."

Her work seems more important than ever as Detroit endures a summer of deadly gun violence, like the death of Brison Christian, the 2-year-old who was killed while riding with his family on I-75.

"All I could think about is that mother - that pain, that hurt - of that mother that I've experienced and all I could do is pray for her," Rhonda said.

With the 10-year anniversary of their sons' murders, they're putting their prayer into action with an anti-gun violence march and rally on Saturday.

Saturday's event starts at 1 p.m. at Seven Mile and Evergreen and marches to the park at Warwick and St. Martins. There, they'll have a rally with speakers and resources and are asking everyone to come out to - rain or shine.

"We want people to see - like the parents of the two-year-old - we want them to know (that) we see you, we know you are hurting, we have been there and you are not alone and we have resources for you," Mia said.

If you can't make the walk or you want to be involved, visit the center's website here.

Rhonda Siders and her cousin, Mia Reid, both lost their sons to violence on Detroit's west side back in 2011. That double-murder still hasn't been solved. Today, they're trying to help other people who are victims to violence.