COVID-19 pandemic shuts down biggest bar night of the year

"This is going be a different night before Thanksgiving than we're all use to in this industry," said Doug Young, a Partner of Irish Tavern in Waterford. 

Wednesday night has been dubbed the biggest bar night of the year. 

"It was for our customers to see old faces, to see old friends and get together," Young said. "So, it's going to be ghost towny."

Typically, around this time of the year, all three locations of the Irish Tavern would be packed wall to wall. 

"I've had this store since 2005 and the chairs have never set on the tables the length of time that the chairs are sitting on the tables now," Young said. 

Carry out food and sealed drinks are the two things keeping the bar alive during the pandemic. 

"You can get things that you wouldn't normally make at home, as well as some craft beers you have a hard time finding," Young said. 

Slim staffing is one of the struggles that Irish Tavern is dealing with during the pandemic. 

"This time around, there is not the same kind of support out there, so we all have our fingers crossed."

Chef Jonny Prepolec owns Alchemi Restaurant and two bars in Royal Oak. 

"Tonight is not going to be the night for us," Prepolec said. 

This would have been one of their busiest weeks of the year, behind St. Patty's day - which ironically happened right after the first shut down. 

"Our whole industry is pretty devastated about this," Prepolec said. 

They're not open for carry out tonight, but will be this weekend - keeping only a couple chefs on the roster. 

"We're trying to reduce our cost, as much as we possibly can to be able to survive this," Prepolec said. 

Prepolec said he's carved out a budget to survive through Jan. hopefully. 

"I don't see a lot of great things for the holiday season from a business standpoint," he said.