COVID-19 truth vs. myths with an expert

Dr. Jennifer Burgess from Henry Ford Hospital spoke with FOX 2 to clear up some COVID-19 myths. 

FOX 2: "Does sipping warm liquids and bringing hot liquids like coffee, soup and tea help prevent the coronavirus or prevent the progression?"

Dr. Burgess: "Unfortunately we don't have any evidence that drinking the warm liquids is going to prevent any complications from coronavirus. increasing fluids is always a good thing when you are ill. Unfortunately, that's not a fact."

FOX 2: "What about anything you eat, fruits and vegetables, that that might help and citrus might cut down the music which really helps to the progression of the complications with this virus? Will anything like that help?"

Dr. Burgess: "Again, we don't unfortunately have any evidence that those are going to help. But fruits and vegetables in the diet are going to help build your immunity and keep your body functioning at your highest.
"We have some evidence that zinc can help with the common cold. Is it going to hurt? Probably not, but it is not necessarily going to prevent anything with the coronavirus."

FOX 2: "What about how long the virus may live on our clothes? If we walk in the door, take off our clothes and hop in the shower, does that help?"

Dr. Burgess: "That one is definitely not going to hurt. I can tell you just being in the office, that's the first thing I do when I get home. It is definitely worth doing, hopping right in the shower and getting cleaned off."

Can citrus help in the battle against COVID-19? Our expert weighs in.

FOX 2: "That goes along with washing your hands all of the time and keeping at a distance from people." 

"Our last one, the virus enters through the throat where it remains three or four days before it passes into the lungs, is that true or will some of these remedies or any remedy help?"

Dr. Burgess: "Unfortunately, we don't necessarily know that's true. We do know that people can carry this virus 14 days prior to having symptoms, whether it is hanging out in the front three to four days before, I don't think we have that information yet."

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