Coyote caught on camera in family's Chesterfield Twp backyard

A coyote hopped a 6-foot fence to get into a Chesterfield Township family's backyard.

"I was just eating in the kitchen and then I went to get my mom and we're like what the heck is that thing," said Blake Cameron.

As soon as 8-year-old Blake spotted something running behind his house - he ran for his mom - who reached for her cell phone and started recording the coyote, who appeared to now be trapped in their backyard.

They eventually figured out this was a coyote, who jumped their fence. Luckily their two small dogs Duncan and Brody were inside at the time.

"We just freaked out, the dogs were barking a lot," he said. "It was also trying to jump the fence; it was trying to get out of the backyard. At the end it jumped the fence."

It took a little while but the coyote finally figured out how to escape. The Department of Natural Resources reminds us how to keep the coyotes away: eliminate all food outside - including garbage and pet food.

Coyotes may be drawn to the small animals, which tend to be attracted to bird feeders and gardens.

Clear out brush piles that are hiding places for birds and small mammals.

And as the Camerons now realize, even if your back yard is fenced in, if you let your pets outside, go with them or make sure they are on a leash.

Most coyotes are afraid of people.