DAC dogs get help from rescues, Downriver mayors

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Three Downriver mayors came to the rescue of dogs at Detroit Animal Control and they are challenging other neighboring city leaders to step up.

An adorable six-month old puppy and an American bulldog are among the latest canines to escape Detroit Animal Control. In this case it's because the mayors of Woodhaven, Trenton and Wyandotte are taking them to their shelters - to find them homes.

"I'm emotional," said Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette. "It's a great day. They are going to make it. They're heading to the Ritz-Carlton is all I have to say."

Many rescues have been working for months with the city of Detroit to get dogs out of animal control.

"Dogs are being euthanized here at the rate of 200 dogs a month, 100 cats a month," Odette said. "It's important. They could survive. We can take them to shelters, rescue groups can get them homes. They are dying needlessly in here."

"It's outrageous for me thinking about what's going on here," said Trenton Mayor Kyle Stack.

Now some animals are getting a second chance. Detroit Bully Corps pulled three dogs today - so far roughly 40 dogs have been removed.

The mayors are encouraging everyone to support these shelters and rescues that are taking these dogs some of them are really very sick

Many have tested positive for heartworm and have respiratory problems. Detroit Dog Rescue now saying  that a recently rescued mother and another one of her puppies have died. FOX 2 first showed you the newborn pups in a cage at Detroit Animal Control last Monday, they had no blanket and had feces in their cage.

By the next day they had a blanket but Animal Control said they couldn't be released by law until Thursday. The Detroit Dog Rescue took them to a vet and tried to save them, but Saturday two of the puppies passed. Now mom and another puppy are gone and the other two may not survive.

"Please support these rescues and shelters that are picking these dogs up," Odette said. "Please support, and if you're going to adopt - please adopt some of these dogs."

Odette said the Taylor Animal Shelter took five dogs last week and already three have been adopted. So there's so much hope for these dogs leaving on this day and these mayors are challenging other leaders to open their shelter doors for these dogs.

"Step up, help the city of Detroit," she said. "They're trying to work with us. Step forward, adopt dogs, bring them to your shelter."

The puppy and American bulldog will soon be available for adoption at the Trenton-Woodhaven animal shelter. For more information go to