Dan Gilbert shares encouraging video of his stroke recovery

Dan Gilbert was hospitalized back in May, we later learned he suffered a stroke and had to undergo a catheter-based procedure.

A new video shows the first time we're getting a direct look at his progress.

"Remember me, I'm in downtown Chicago, Illinois," he says in the video.

Dan Gilbert is not a forgettable figure one of Detroit's most formidable businessmen looks like he's on the path to recovery after suffering a stroke.

"Keep doing what you're doing, because whatever you're doing is going great," he said. "It is going much better since I left a few weeks back. So thank you, and thank you for all your well wishes and all the letters and notes."

Quicken Loans tells FOX 2 the brief video was recorded this week and was meant to encourage the company's 17,000 team members. Clearly Gilbert is appreciative of the love he's getting.

Detroit's leaders - including Mayor Mike Duggan thrilled to see Gilbert apparently on the mend.

"My reaction was very emotional," Duggan said. "It was pure Dan - immediately joking about the fact that the company did better when he wasn't there. I just felt real joy."

FOX 2: "He really does look good; like he is making progress."

"Everybody has been telling me that but when you see it with your own eyes, he's there mentally," Duggan said. "He's got some physical work to do, but it was a heartwarming video. Somebody was in here earlier today talking about how a huge fundraising drive was on hold because of Dan's condition. We've got major plans for this city that are on pause while we wait for Dan. He has touched so many people's lives."

FOX 2: "What is your message to him?"

"I miss him every day," Duggan said. "We need you back."