Dangerous eyesore next to Detroit school torn down

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Parents pressing the city of Detroit to tear down dangerous and decaying homes near an elementary school.

Their focus shifted to one home where a dead body was recently found. On Thursday that house came crashing down.

Homemade signs to the city saying "Thank you for your help" as these kids watched a dangerous eyesore steps away from their southwest Detroit elementary school, demolished.

The house was knocked down after two years of asking the city for help.

"Any day we bring down a house or building in the city is one day closer we get to being a blight-free city," said Rico Razo, District 6 manager.

The burned up home was caving in with bricks falling off, but the worst part was that a dead body was found inside. After the boards were pulled off, people seen going in and out.
including squatters, drug users and prostitutes.

Now parents happily watching as this abandoned shack was smashed.

Kaity Nicastri, the Southwest Schools site coordinator says once this mess is taken care of they plan to turn this lot into another playground, perhaps a garden or a parking lot  for the school.