DARING ESCAPE: Men survive burning Detroit condo blaze

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Fire rips through a condo building in midtown, SkyFOX capturing flames and smoke pouring out of windows and doors before fire crews arrived on the scene.

The people inside the unit where the fire started were forced to make a daring escape and fire crews had to call in reinforcements.

Chris Kreitzbender is overcome with emotion as he describes what it was like for him and his roommate to jump out of the second floor of their burning condo on Detroit's west side.

"All I could see was black I couldn't see six inches in front of me," he said. "It was just a wall and all I kept hearing was 'Chris, Chris.' I was just following his voice."

Witnesses who saw the two men jump say they were amazed at how quickly the fire spread in the condo at Seldon and Miracles.

"That fire was just chasing behind him," said Zeek Washington, a witness.

Ironically Chris and his roommate had prepared for something like this; they just never thought it would happen.

"I jumped down 10, 15 feet drop," Kreitzbender said. "We do that all the time that was our fire escape, we already planned it out."

All together four condos were damaged in the fire.

"It took us approximately 30 minutes to get fire under control," said Senior Chief Robert Distelrath, Detroit Fire Department. "It was a very difficult fire to fight."

The cause is under investigation.