Dearborn police asking neighbors to check surveillance video after woman's murder

A Warren woman was shot and killed outside a home in Dearborn over the weekend. Police believe she died in an attempted robbery, that's connected to a string of other crimes in the area nearby. 

Saja Aljanabi was coming to their family's home Friday night in Dearborn, in the 7800 block of Bingham, when she was shot and killed in her car. Her family rushed out immediately but she could not be saved. 

"She looked at me and gave me the look like she was saying goodbye to take care of yourself and the family," said her brother, Ali Aljanabi. 

It is a look that he can't seem to shake, nor the overwhelming sense of sadness after losing his 29-year-old sister.

"I pulled her out and flipped her around trying to figure out where the bullet was. I was hoping it was her chest but somewhere not very important," her brother remembers. 

Moments before, Dearborn police were called out to another armed robbery of an elderly woman about 5 minutes from where Saja was shot. About that same time, in pretty much the same area, there was also a report of a man who had been assaulted at gunpoint.

"All three people the gunman encountered, their lives were in danger," says Dearborn police chief Ronald Haddad. He says they believe all three incidents are connected.

Investigators are now asking people who live or work nearby to check their surveillance systems for anything out of the ordinary on Friday, specifically between 9:30 and 10:30 at night in the Tireman and Schaefer area.

"These people had nothing to do with these crimes. They were purely in the wrong place at the wrong time," Chief Haddad says. 

Some tips have already come into the Dearborn police department but investigators want more - and so does Saja's family. 

Right now none of this make sense.

"God decides when he is going to take. It's not you. You're nothing. Shame on you. That's all I can say; shame on you." her brother says. 

Right now, police don't have much of a description to go on. They're looking for two, possibly three, suspects. 

Police say at least one of the suspects had on a white mask, and that both of them were wearing dark-colored clothing. They may have been in a light-colored vehicle.