Deaths of Detroit children; veterans' health care

Part 1: Deaths of Detroit children

The recent deaths of so many innocent children in Detroit has dominated the news.

Some has happened by accident, some by neglect and others, murdered in cold blood. Why are we losing so many children.

What can we do to stop it?

On the panel:

Sgt. Kevin Miller, a veteran of the Detroit Police Department.

Rev. Ovella Davis, religious leader and community activist.

Yusef Shakur, former thug, now an activist and leader for change.

Bishop Edgar Vann has been the pastor of Second Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Part 2: Veterans' health

As we approach Memorial Day, we also take a look at how so many of our veterans are still fighting a war to get the proper and timely care they deserve.

The Veterans Health Administration health care system is broken. The question tonight is how do we fix it?

On the panel:

William Burnett, a Vietnam veteran who was wounded in action.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan)

Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in combat.

Rev. Willie Vaughan, a Vietnam veteran and reserve who served in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Part 3 On the Road

Charlie Langton goes on the road to ask if our country is doing enough for our veterans.