Dedicated employee works 70 years at same hospital

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One woman in California could be the most loyal employee ever. She's spent the past 70 years working for the same hospital, Sutter Health Alta Bates Medical Center.

Elena Griffing's first day on the job was April 10, 1946. She was 20 years old.

And, in all those years of working -- guess how many times she called in sick.

Four times. That's it.

As you can imagine, she's seen a lot during the course of her career. She currently works in patient relations four days a week, but has held several positions over the years.

"In this business, you never know what's going to happen and so many times you don't have a choice of thinking, 'Now that's not even in my job description.' You don't have time; you just rise to the occasion and you do it," she says.

Something else impressive about this woman. She wears three inch heels to work - every day. She says she does it because they make her stand up straight.

She also has no plans to retire.

Sutter Health Alta Bates Medical Center is in Oakland, Calif.