Dentures, glasses, shoes, phones among thousands of items left behind at Erebus

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Inside the walls of Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac lies thousands of items that have never seen the light of day since they last entered the haunted the house.

Erebus is just a couple weeks away from the annual opening. For the past 19 years, guests have been frightened inside the four-story tower of terror. Some of those guests came in with their items but never returned to get them.

Edward Terebus, co-owner of the haunted attraction, showed off some of the lost and found. It includes dentures, glasses, shoes, phones, credit cards, and hats among it all. But the prize position, he says, is a size 11 pair of brand new Nikes.

"Some guy left here with no shoes on and said I'm not going back in there to get my shoes," he said.

He said people have also left wallets and car keys beyond. Basically, you name it, they have it in their lost and found. Friday, about 5 weeks before the grand opening for 2018, he showed off a massive amount.

 He says it represents about 1/6th of what they have in storage - which amounts to roughly 12 years of collected and forgotten items and some people don't even realize they've left stuff behind.

"What stands out is people lose that stuff and don't even realize. We had a woman come in here and just didn't fit the atmosphere. She had a nice dress on, patent leather red belt, patent leather purse, patent leather shoes. She was in the haunted house, screamed, threw her purse in the air and kept running. Our guys saw it, scooped it all pup, put it in the purse and were standing at the back exit. she didn't realize her purse was gone until she saw the guy holding it," Terebus said.

As for why people have left so much at Erebus, he believes people are simply too scared to come back and get their items.

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