Deputies find loaded gun under toddler's bed in Pontiac

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Oakland County sheriff's deputies responded to gunfire in Pontiac and made a disturbing discovery of a loaded gun under a child's bed - within a toddler's reach.

"My son and I both heard the bang-bang-bang shots," said neighbor Julia Clark.

Deputies respond to a barrage of gunfire heard by a number of residents at the North Hill Farms Pontiac apartment complex at 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

When deputies arrived they say their investigation led them to question a 19-year-old man and search a vehicle they spotted nearby.

"They found 22-caliber ammunition on the person," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "And then they found more 22 caliber ammunition in the vehicle but no weapon."

After searching the man and vehicle, deputies got consent to search a nearby residence. Investigators say a woman who lives there with her 2-year-old child had a prior relationship with the man they just searched.

"Deputies asked if they could search the residence and found a .22 semi-automatic handgun loaded with a round chambered underneath this baby," Bouchard said. "He had stashed the gun under a sleeping baby."

Officials contacted Children's Protective Services, confiscated the weapon and took the 19-year old man into custody.

Officials say the man is looking at a number of charges and he has a criminal history.

"Apparently about a week ago this individual was seen shooting a weapon very similar to this in the area," Bouchard said. "So it's good to have him off streets."