'Deputy' ducks raised in Oakland Co. Sheriff's Office courtyard every year

A group of ducks have made their home inside a courtyard at the Oakland County's Sheriff's office in Pontiac.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says their team has actually looked after a family of baby ducks for the past few years, and it's something they look forward to now.

He says the mom and dad duck have been coming into the courtyard for years.

"They fly into the courtyard, which is completely enclosed, and then they have, obviously, a huge family of humans here that love them and take care of them," he says.

The deputies provide the ducks with food -- and even a kiddy pool -- to enjoy themselves.

"They have food back there and a little wading pool. They have their babies; they grow them up. Usually at the time when they're ready to fly we'll open the door and give them a couple pathways out, and they come back every year," Bouchard says.

They've also posted a 'Duck Crossing' sign in the building letting visitors know to be careful about the baby ducks in the courtyard.