Derek Kevra answers if we can expect a 'Snow-pening Day' for the Tigers opener

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For all those people that say, "It's always cold and snowy on Opening Day"... you just may be right.

We have been tracking a series of low pressure areas this week, with particular interest on the last one - which will arrive Wednesday night.  Plan on rain returning to SE MI but as cold air wraps into the system, snow will be falling in central and northern portions of the state.

The low will sit on top of us Thursday, keeping the rain around until the cold air chews into it and turns it into snow.  I'm expecting this to happen late Thursday night through very early Friday morning.  When all is said and done, areas north of I-69 and Flint could get between 2-4 inches of snow, while those of us south should plan on 0-2 inches.  As of right now, I can see many people averaging between 1/2 and 1 inches.

This is obviously not a major winter storm, but the timing of it isn't great.  With the Tigers Home Opener slated for 1:10 PM Friday, downtown Detroit will be abuzz with activity starting early Friday morning. 

Fans should plan on some snow on the ground early in the morning and chilly temperatures all day long.

In fact, the biggest weather story of the day may just be the strong winds which are forecast to be between 20-30 mph.  This of course will mean that while temperatures will climb from the 30s into the 40s it will actually only feel like low 20s to upper 20s for the entire day. Bundle up Tigers fans!

And then, just as quickly as the cold air arrives, it will be gone.  Weekend temperatures will climb into the 60s.

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