Desperate Detroit mom says daughter missing daughter is back (UPDATED)

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WEB UPDATE (June 15): The missing teen is safe. Her mother tells FOX 2 that Shaliya Bell has been found. When there is more information, we will pass it on. 

No sign of a missing 13-year-old girl  who went to school last Thursday and hasn't been seen since.

Her mother is now worried sick.

Malikha Bell says every day is a struggle as she wonders where her 13-year-old daughter Shaliya Bell might be.

"I just want her to get home," she said.

The mom says she dropped Shaliya off at this school on June 9 and went to pick her up at 3:50 that afternoon. 

"Unfortunately Shaliya never came out so I told her bye," Bell said. "Shaliya was texting and texting and kept telling me she was at school, but my phone went dead."

Bell says she finally made contact with Shaliya later that evening.

"At 8:13 (p.m.) Shaliya texted me and said she was on Santa Barbara," Bell said. "I jumped in my vehicle I drove to Santa Barbara looking for her. It's Tuesday, still no Shaliya. Still no phone calls."

Bell says she can't understand why, she says Shaliya always returns home.

Earlier this year she disappeared for several hours and then returned home. That's why Bell says she is pleading with the community to help her find her child.

"Shaliya is a 13-year old female, a 13-year-old baby," Bell said. "I need help. And I need everyone to help me find my child."

Bell created fliers and is hoping it will lead to Shaliya's safe homecoming.

"I've been out here every day giving out fliers, putting her on Facebook, going to gas stations," she said.

Detroit police say they are doing everything it takes to find Shaliya and anyone who has information about her whereabouts should contact them immediately.

As Bell continues to wait for Shaliya to come home, she says if her daughter can hear her voice she wants her to know this:

"I would like to tell her that I love her and if she can just give me a phone call to let me know that she is still in the land of the living," Bell said. "Because I can't sleep without my child. She's a part of me."