Despite challenges, Cass Tech produces DPS successes

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The school district is broke and the classrooms don't have the supplies they need. Meanwhile, teachers are protesting, scandals are escalating, and, of course, there's the corruption. But not everything that comes from Detroit Public Schools is bad news. Despite all of those problems, Detroit is producing some amazing stories.

Two shining examples are Che'Rai Laster and Redwan Bin Rouf. They've got two weeks left at Cass Tech and are finishing it strong. Redwain is headed to Harvard on a full ride while Che'Rai has picked up $1 million in scholarship offers.

For both of them, it's all about pride and giving back.

"When I look at what the teachers are fighting for it makes me want to push harder because without them I wouldn't have this education so I really thank them for fighting for what they believe in and I support them. I just want to do this for them," Che'Rai said.

"I was always grateful for all the opporutnies I had in this world. I just want to give back," Redwain said.

The two both have accomplished remarkable feats. But how and why does someone get almost $1 million in scholarships?

"I want many options. I don't want just a few backup plans. I want a broad range of colleges," Che'Rai said she started to see which school would give her more scholarships to go to their university. "I wanted to see who could give me the best option. "

This kind of success doesn't happen alone, they had a lot of help from the teachers in the system.

"Even you believe you can't do it, if your teacher does that gives you confidence," Redwain said. "If I can do it then everybody can do it. it's just staying focused on your goals. you've got to be determined and never give up"

Last year, DPS students acquired more than $45 million in scholarships. They hope to top that in 2016 - and are already on their way.

Congratulations Redwain and Che'Rai - you both make Detroit proud.