Detroit activist pushes for 'No Beef Zones' in city

To remedy the surge of gun violence, the City Councilwoman At Large wants gun free zones. Detroit Police have partnered with levels of law enforcement and activist groups with a three-pronged approach.

But what does Pastor Mo want to do?

"The old people may not understand it, but the young people know just what I'm talking about," said Mo. "And that's uncle to nephew, father and son, no beef zone."

A "No Beef Zone" would be a sectioned off area within Detroit where scores aren't settled and violence is disallowed. "That means do not come downtown with a weapon with trouble started, with trouble in mind, with fighting intentions. Do not get intoxicated and go that way because you're going to get so much attention, you can't get out of it," Mo said.

He wants to start with Greektown.

"It's going to be a big show of force, of police, of activists, and also prayer warriors praying on the block," Mo said. "And community are watching. Got a lot of things they're doing to ensure the safety of Detroit."

The downtown neighborhood became the latest area of Detroit victimized by gun violence this year after several shootings, including the murder of a popular security guard, took place.

Days after, city and police officials rolled out their plans. 

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Temperatures haven't returned to their mid-April levels, so the same ingredients present during the weekend of April 15-16 haven't returned. It also could take months for a gun free zone to be authorized in Detroit or to record progress from the One Detroit partnership.

Yet the concern of gun violence remains, and so does the worry that one isn't safe even if they're visiting a well-trafficked part of the city.

The community is still reeling from the shooting death of Daryll Straughter, a security guard who was well-known in Greektown. He was killed breaking up a fight at a local liquor store.