Detroit Auto Show 2022: Public viewing schedule and attractions

Drones, dinosaurs, and virtual simulators are just some attractions attendees at the Detroit auto show can experience when they make their trip down to the city.

The public show is Sept. 17-25, with exhibits at both Huntington Place where the main showroom is and Hart Plaza which will have Monster Trucks, a gaming lab, and of course the world's largest rubber duck.

Anyone heading to the show can buy tickets at the door in Huntington Place. Find more information on ticket pricing here

The schedule for the public show is broken down into two pieces: events going on outside and inside. A full breakdown of what's happening can be found on the auto show website here.

While the bulk of what to experience is the numerous vehicles on display on the show floor, there's also a virtual flight simulator run by the aerial mobility company AIR and Off-Road Vehicle encounters in the Ballroom. 

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Outside, there's an array of monster truck ‘throwdowns’ and street course driving on the concourse near Hart Plaza.

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