Detroit brands Lincoln and Shinola teamed up to build concept Aviator model

(Photo credit: Dan Barbossa at Ford Motor Co.)

Lincoln and Shinola, two iconic Detroit brands, are teaming up to make new a meaning for elegance.

Together, the two have created the Lincoln Aviator Shinola concept, an SUV built by the car brand and a design that's inspired by the watch company. 

Shinola’s iconic leather silhouettes, the Canfield Sport watch, and the Runwell bike seat were all used when brainstorming how this vehicle would look when completed.

"Shinola opened up their showroom to us as a playground - allowing us to explore how their brand’s lifestyle ethos could be woven into a new theme for one of our vehicles," said Kemal Curic, design director, Lincoln.

(Photo credit: Dan Barbossa at Ford Motor Co.)

 Dubbed an "ultra-luxe vehicle," Curic said his designers were handed a "rare gift" infused both the inside and exterior of the concept with themes used by Shinola. 

For Lincoln, that meant remodeling the entire interior. 

Tan leather has replaced the usual colors of the seats, dashboard, armrest, and more.  

The Shinola branded stripe and a classic cremè color are visible on each seat, down all three rows. 

(Photo credit: Dan Barbossa at Ford Motor Co.)

The white exterior of the SUV represents pearl Shinola watch dials, tan leather insides relate back to the copper-plated parts of their handcrafted bike parts, and more. 

Both brand's love for craftsmanship has culminated into a mix of the best of each's design, creativity, and status.