Detroit break ground on $24M expansion for The Anchor at Mariners Inn

The City of Detroit is starting a massive project to help the city's population that struggles with housing security.

Detroit already has Mariners Inn in the Cass Corridor to help people with substance abuse. Now, they're adding another building - The Anchor - to help the city's homeless community as part of an effort that is a result of decades of dedicated commitment.

"We have a very real homeless problem in the city of Detroit but we address it as a community," mayor Mike Duggan said. "For 68 years on this site Mariners Inn has led the way. They’ve been the leaders."

Duggan helped community leaders break ground on the $24 million project that will be a lifeline to people in need. 

"In addition to providing the standard care rehabilitation treatment, they’ve had residential beds where you can come in and really turn your life around," Duggan said.

The Anchor will be built at Cass Avenue and Ledyard Street, next to the current Mariners Inn facility. The new project will meet many goals including expanding Mariners’ residential treatment program with 40 new fully furnished recovery housing apartments, private counseling and therapy, and career education and job training services.

"We know that combating homelessness is not just about brick and mortar you can build the building, but you have to have true wraparound services

David Sampson, the CEO of Mariners Inn became emotional as he thanked the community for their support.

"You have to have people that believe in you. All of you believe in us. MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority), the city of Detroit, the mayor and that’s why we’re here today," Sampson said.

Not only that, the project will also allow the organization to serve women for the first time in its nearly 100-year history. Those who are benefactors of the treatment facility say the program is a game changer.