Detroit casino workers worry about coronavirus exposure

FOX 2 has gotten word from the Michigan Gaming Control Board that all three casinos have their COVID-19 precautions in place.

Casinos will comply with the governor's executive order to limit large crowds. The board says the casinos are taking similar approaches by separating people into designated areas of 250 people or less. One employee says that is not enough.

"Everyone is freaking out right now, on our breaks that's all we can talk about," said Andrea Trupiano. 

Trupiano has been a dealer at Motor City Casino for 15 years and calls the recent COVID-19 safety measures unprecedented. But she says the casinos plans to separate groups into 250 or less won't keep employees healthy from casino goers. 

"I'm still literally a foot and a half away from them," she said. "I'm sitting down and I'm dealing. If someone sneezes or coughs on me, which they do all day, I can't get up and wash my hands."

Motor City Casino says they are also taking extra precautions including adding dozens of hand sanitizing stations, regularly washing game chips and using gloves where it makes sense. 

Among the precautions Motor City Casino is taking include shutting down some of its bars, they are also limiting room service and closing the spa.

But Trupiano says anything short of shutting down and disinfecting is not enough.

Motor City Casino

"Every school in Michigan is closed," she said. "We have a way bigger mass of people in the casinos. We are way dirtier than schools. Gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, everyone knows that's not nearly enough precaution."

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Trupiano says the casinos are gearing up for an extremely busy weekend, especially with sports games getting canceled, and that is making employees worry even more. 

"We all have families, we all have kids, no one wants to bring this home to their children," she said. "We don't want to get infected ourselves, all my fellow employees, we are very concerned."

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The Michigan Gaming Control Board says these precautions will last until the governor's executive order ends on April 5.