Detroit church seeking to feed the hungry vandalized

A break-in at a Detroit church causes serious damage. The thieves vandalized Bibles and stole from the food pantry, meant to feed those in need.

"I got a big mess," says Pastor Hiram Jones.

At New Hope Apostolic Temple, Pastor Jones is faced with cleaning his office after it was trashed by burglars. 

"Whatever liquid juice , pop they poured it all over the Bibles."

In addition to desecrated Bibles, food for the less fortunate was stolen.

"They took everything out of here," says Pastor Jones.  "They took all the meat out of here, kicked the door open to get in."

"Items we use for water baptisms, towels, whatever they wanted."

Heartless, who would steal from a church that already gives so much to those in need.

The church is a partner with Forgotten Harvest to feed the neighborhood.

"It's very heartbreaking and discouraging for them to come in to vandalize, damage and disrespect the house of the Lord."

The pastor devastated that his church at Tireman and Rangoon would be treated in such an unholy way.

It appears the vandal or vandals broke in through the roof and then went on their rampage.

"It was a  vicious act what they did to my office to pour fluid over religious materials, Bibles and things that we have."

Yet the pastor remains prayerful and positive that  the church and its mission will go on, to love and serve.

"Everybody's not bad, but it's just the few that seek to do wrong," says Pastor Jones.

"We thank God for the good people.  We thank God for those who have done us wrong because I'm sure they are going to repent and turn their heart back to the Lord."