Detroit City Council to vote on ordinance requiring restaurants show health inspection grade

The Detroit City Council is weighing a consequential vote for city businesses Tuesday as members consider a food grading ordinance that would mandate restaurants post their health inspection grades at the front entrance.

Green would indicate compliance, yellow for showing its in the enforcement process, and red signaling the business is closed by the health department. 

QR codes linking to the health inspection report would also be available.

"I can't see why anyone would possibly be against this. Detroiters are a first class people. We deserve clean, healthy, wholesome treatment and service," said Malik Shabazz. 

However, at least one stakeholder group that represents the industry in Detroit has expressed skepticism the ordinance would have its intended effect.

"The data shows a similar program that looked at the New York grading system found that it did not stop the spread of food borne illness in the city of New York," said Charity Dean, CEO Of Metro Detroit Black Business Alliance. "City of Detroit data shows many residents get food from gas stations and grocery stores, which are not covered in this ordinance."

A vote on the ordinance was postponed last week but is expected today. 

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If approved, it would go into effect on May 1.

Recently, Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit was shut down after rat droppings were discovered inside the restaurant by the health department.