Detroit Dog Rescue in desperate need of fosters to make room for pets left in cold

Gino, one of the dogs available to foster or adopt through Detroit Dog Rescue (Photo: DDR)

Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) needs people to foster animals currently in the shelter to free up space for animals being left in the bitter cold.

Wind chills on Tuesday will be below zero, and they are forecasted to be even worse on Wednesday. With overnight winds reaching 25 mph, wind chills could dip to as low as -20. These temperatures can be deadly to pets left outside.


Tips for staying safe during dangerous cold

Bitter cold temperatures in Michigan can cause harm quickly. Hypothermia and frostbite are among the conditions that threaten people who are out in this cold.

Detroit Dog Rescue has been bringing in animals to protect them from the elements. However, the rescue needs dogs removed from the shelter to make sure there is room for the new intakes.

The dogs who need fosters are medium and large and are mainly pit bull mixes. The rescue provides food, vet care, toys, and cleaning supplies for foster dogs. Those interested in fostering can apply here

The rescue is also urging people to bring their pets inside during this weather. 

"What we will see in Detroit in the coming week will be an absolute crisis," DDR said in a post pleading for help. "For some dogs we will find them too late."

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