Detroit family of 7 loses everything in house fire

A family of 7 is struggling after losing everything in a house fire on Detroit's west side. 

The fire broke out Sunday afternoon in the family's washroom. 

"It was in the washroom this furnace is inside the washroom, and I don’t know if the furnace exploded or what," said Catrena Thomas, the children's Grandmother.

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Some of the kids were at church with grandma, and the others were at home with their mom.

"I had on a shirt and some pants; I opened the back door, and I ran out,"

Fortunately, they all got out safely, but one of their two dogs died.

"They alive and they well. Like I was blessed to just be able to go out in the instant to buy a coat and some shoes for their feet," said Lorna Perry, the children's aunt.

The family now needs help replacing everything they lost and finding a new place to live.

"Ya know, so close to the holidays, it’s hard, so any help, we would really appreciate it," said Catrena.

The family has created a GoFundMe. To donate, click HERE.