Detroit family who fled unsafe Section 8 house into shelter, gets new home

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Last September FOX 2 introduced you to a woman forced to move into a shelter because of the conditions in her Section 8 housing. 

It's been a long and challenging road but finally this mother and her children out of the shelter and into a home. 

"We finally found a house, thanks to God, thanks to FOX 2 and the shelter that we were eligible to find a home for my children and I," said Tanishia Goudy.

FOX 2 first met Tanisha in September when she and her two children were forced from their Section 8 rental home. Horrible water problems caused mold to spread and she and her children lost everything and moved into a homeless shelter.

"I was determined to get a house for my children," she said. "I worked and walked so hard to the point where I had a boot put on my foot."

A bum foot and no car, she took the bus. She was searching every day for a new place, her money was stolen at one point, her kids got sick from the mold bit they didn't give up. 

Tania now finally has a home, and an anonymous donor giving her beds and dressers. 

"I'm grateful for that. because we didn't have enough beds or dressers," she said. "We lost everything we owned, and now this is our new start. and I'm grateful for everybody that helped us along the way."

That includes her kids' school social worker who donated a couch and tables and lamps and more - so many blessings, after so much hardship. And finally, so much to smile about. 

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"I feel good," she said. "It's a new start for me and my children and we're loving it."