Detroit felonious assault suspect caught at gun range in Westland

A criminal suspect was tracked down and arrested at the Firing Line gun store and shooting range in Westland Tuesday night.

It was a team effort between the Detroit and Westland police, acting on a tip - officers positioned themselves and then waited for the right time to act.

It was around 4 p.m. when Randall Weddle noticed something was happening at the business next door at the Firing Line.

"I kept noticing all the police cars and undercover cars moving around," said Weddle, Ameristar Auto Outfitter. "I wasn’t quite sure exactly what was going on but i figured something was going to happen."

Police positioned themselves near the store on Ford Road near Venoy. Weddle says he could feel the tension in the air.

"You could definitely tell something was getting closer and going on as the cars kept getting closer and closer," he said.

As soon as the suspect emerged from the gun shop - they moved in and arrested him in the parking lot without incident. Sources tell FOX 2 he was wanted for a felonious assault out of Detroit.

According to the owner of the Firing Line, the suspect was teaching a private lesson at the firing range. He says at no time was anyone in the store in danger and that the suspect is not an employee of the store.

"Knowing the folks who work next door here, they are very good people and they would never put anyone in jeopardy," Weddle said.

Police were able to make the arrest, and impound the vehicle without anyone getting injured.

As for who the suspect is and the crime he was wanted for, police are not ready to release those details at this time.