Detroit home buried in poop, neighbors say

In southwest Detroit, residents on one street say they're stuck with a disgusting and foul-smelling dog poop nightmare.

The video will make you gag, so just imagine what it's like living right next door to this mess: piles and piles of dog poop. Fernando Fernandez doesn't have to imagine it; he lives next door to the home on Baker Street where his neighbor has six dogs.

If you do the math of dogs going number two at least once per day, that's 42 poohs in one week, all piling up in one small yard.

"When it's warm out, oh it's bad," Fernandez said. 

He said when he's asked his neighbor about the problem, his neighbor shrugged.

It's got everyone in the neighborhood worked up and they say they can't even sit outside because of the horrible smell and honestly who wants to look at it! Some neighbors and kids refuse to walk down the sidewalk.

Beyond that, they're worried about the dogs too. They say one seems to always be pregnant and one limping around the yard is clearly injured. Fernandez says the dogs aren't friendly either, which puts the little kids in the area at risk.

All they're asking is before it gets warm out - just clean up the poop! 

"There is a shovel right there I don't thinks it's ever even been used," Fernandez said.