Detroit house catches fire, hospitalizes 72-year-old man

A Detroit home housing four renters caught fire on Friday, causing a 72-year-old man to be transported to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation.

"First thing I saw were flames just big flames and it was about to fall on us if we wouldn't have hurried up and gotten out of there," said Gloria Sinclair, one of the residents. 

The incident occurred just before 8:30 a.m. on Detroit's east side. Detroit Fire Department officials said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

However, Sinclair's boyfriend who also lives in the house, Frankie Phillips, told Fox 2, "the furnace was in bad shape and it started from the furnace."

The elderly man was brought out of the house after fire crews arrived and conducted a search and rescue.

The house is now charred, leaving residents homeless.

"Everything just fell apart, everything we had just caught on fire. Now we have nothing and I’m handicapped," Sinclair said.

The couple, along one one other resident living in the house, have been picked up by the Red Cross and are staying at a local motel until a permanent solution can be reached. 

Despite the tragedy, the victims are still counting their blessings.

"No one got hurt so that’s a good thing," Phillips said.

"I thank God that we made it up out of there," Sinclair added.

To assist Phillips and Sinclair in any way, call 313-649-6197.