Detroit kangaroo seen online, part of local traveling Exotic Zoo

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A walk on the wild side in Detroit goes viral but the city's animal control division isn't getting a kick out of a man and his kangaroo.

It's not every day you see a kangaroo hopping down the street in Detroit, but now we have an explanation - and even got to meet the cute little guy.

"My cousin and I were just laughing," said Javon Stacks. "Darwin is getting so much attention."

Darwin is getting so much attention after a Snap Chat video of him hopping down a Detroit street went viral.

Man walking kangaroo in Detroit captured on Snapchat

Stacks, who owns the Exotic Zoo in Detroit, was hired to bring his animals to a girl's birthday party. Darwin, who is 2 years old, was the grand finale. The kids wanted to see the kangaroo hop.

There wasn't any room in the house so Javon took him outside, which had cars stopping and people coming out of their homes to witness a man running with a kangaroo on a leash.

"I had a coat on and it was covering the (zoo's) name up so to anyone else it looked like a guy having it down the street," 

There was plenty of interest.

"Some people said is it real," Stacks said. "Then he's moving so they have to say he is real, so then they ask, how did you get him."

But Stacks never imagined Darwin the Detroit kangaroo would soon be trending.

"All these texts, emails, people calling, like hey you have all these views, you're on all the news stations," he said.

But some of the attention was also negative with some concerned Stacks had his kangaroo and other exotic animals illegally.

Detroit Animal Control, which says it is looking into the matter, says it is unlawful to own exotic animals in the city.

But Stacks showed us his license and claims the animals are legal and properly cared for.

"I have friends that we all own zoos and they  breed animals for me, I breed animals for them," Stacks said. "For a zoo it is called captive breeding."

Javon Stacks says he is happy about all of the attention Darwin is getting, because with it comes education and awareness of his animals.

"I was born and raised in Detroit and I love to give back to my community," he said. "And I think the kids really enjoy it."

The exotic zoo also visits schools, libraries and does different events throughout the Midwest. Stacks says his zoo is licensed both in the state and federally.