Detroit land deal case reaches final day of pretrial. Officials await judge's decision for a trial.

After four months of pre-trial hearings, lawyer hirings and firings and sensational accusations of infidelity, a judge is preping to decide if the case should go to trial.

That case is between Bob Carmack, the city of Detroit and a plot of land that Carmack sold for $1 million. Carmack alleges his transaction, profiting him more about $750,000 was legal. However the city states he never paid the $250,000 price tag owed to Detroit.

Despite the longevity of the pre-trial, noteworthy bit evidence continued to trickle into the hearings, even on the last day.

After Carmack's defense team revealed to the court room of an email stating the city approved of the land deal on Monday, the prosecutor's team shot back on Tuesday - with witnesses reframing the debate over that email.

"It is my position there was no closing," said one city official. "In the past, I responded but after that I withdrew that email. I withdrew it and provided a different email."

Defense attorney Steven Haney read part of the email on Monday, stating "Yes Bruce, the land sale was closed with a title company." However the city's team said the defense was only telling half of the story.


In another witness testimony, a former city official expressed empathy for Carmack, but still contends he didn't recieve the land through a busted deal. When asked if he ever promised Carmack land from the city, he responded:

"That was the furthest thing - That thought would not have entered my mind," he said.

Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller will make a decision by Friday if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial.