Detroit man charged with setting pregnant girlfriend on fire released; bail was $50K or 10%

When a Detroit man was charged with dousing his pregnant girlfriend with lighter fluid and then burning over 60% of her body, his bond was set at just $50,000 or 10%, meaning he could bond out for as low as $5,000. Two days after the charges were filed, he did exactly that.

Devonne Marsh was released from the Wayne County Jail Friday morning. According to documents with the jail, he was released from custody just before 11:20 a.m. on Friday. He's now out on bond with multiple conditions including no weapons, no drug use, and is ordered not to go to their shared apartment.

However, FOX 2 has learned that Marsh has a hold in Macomb County for other charges so while he's posted bail in Wayne County, he is not currently free.

Marsh was arrested and charged with setting his 26-year-old girlfriend on fire after a fight last week. The mom-to-be is 6-and-a-half months pregnant with twins.

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More than 60% of her body was burned in the fire and she was last listed in critical condition. It's not yet known if her babies will survive.

After Marsh was charged, there was a concern that he would be released due to the low bond necessary to grant his release. 

"How do you do this to another human being? I can’t - it’s unimaginable," said Detroit Police Commander Michael McGinnis. "Just incredibly traumatic injuries. I did see pictures and I just...the pain she must be suffering, I can’t imagine."

Marsh, a parole absconder with a long criminal record, was in court this week. Among his past are charges including drugs, guns, and assault. He also had warrants out of Macomb County and a pending case in Livonia.

The victim was first too scared to come forward but a tip eventually led police to the discovery of the woman and the arrest of Marsh. Authorities said the woman was cooperating with the investigation.

According to Haven of Oakland County CEO Aimee Nimeh, it's common for victims not to want to come forward.

"Fear is part of the relationship and so absolutely there is fear of retaliation," Nimeh said.

A spokeswoman from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said they don't think bond is adequate for Marsh and are filing a motion to try to get it raised next week in court.