Detroit man sentenced to 15 years for using drugs to force women into sex trafficking

Jhamall K. McGaughy (Photo: MDOC)

A Detroit man received a 15-year prison sentence for using drugs to force women with addictions into sex trafficking.

According to court records, Jhamall K. McGaughy, 39, recruited women who had drug addictions and coerced at least six of them into prostitution by using violence and drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine.

McGaughy would keep the victims on the edge of "dope-sickness," which is experienced during withdrawal, so he could use drugs to coerce them into prostitution.

If the women tried to escape him or buy drugs from other suppliers, McGaughy would beat them, officials said.

He pleaded guilty in January 2020 to conspiring with others to force and coerce women into prostitution. 

"McGaughy’s cruel acts of physical and emotional abuse, and his ruthless exploitation of these women for profit are contemptible," said Acting US Attorney Mohsin. "The 180-month sentenced imposed on McGaughy will hopefully help bring closure to the victims in this case. I commend the FBI for their efforts in investigating this case."