Detroit police adding 300 officers to weekend patrols with increased overtime

Detroit police are adding 300 extra officers to weekend patrols as the summer comes to an end, which typically brings plenty of gatherings and parties that can draw large crowds.

In an effort to keep those events peaceful, double overtime payments have been authorized by the Detroit mayor for police. The increased double time is an added incentive for the month of August.

"They deserve that and even more," said Chief James White. 

White said police will be focused on parks, block parties, sporting events, and other crowd-drawing affairs, while also targeting drag racers and narcotic raids.

"Chief White has the right strategies to address the gun violence in our city," said Mayor Mike Duggan. "What he needs most are officers on patrol. This new incentive will help him provide more officers for special operations and added presence in areas and at times when crowds of people are gathering."

The added payments go into effect Aug. 26.

White has had increased overtime approved before just after he took control of the police department in 2021. As reports of gun violence and street racing became common place over the summer last year, the new police chief was given authorized funds to deploy a five-pronged approach to reducing crime in the city.

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He'll be focusing department resources on similar crimes.

The funds will be offered until Sept. 26, 2022.