Detroit Police investigate theft of cars from parking lot near Chrysler plant

The Detroit Police Department said they are trying to track down the men who smashed their way into a parking lot near the Chrysler plant in Detroit and stole several cars including 4 Dodge Chargers.

Just after 3 Sunday morning, Detroit Police were called to a breaking and entering at the car lot at Kercheval and Algonquin. The lot is near the Chrysler plant and police said the men stole several cars including 4 Chargers.

Police said the men crashed through a gate at the lot, were met by security, but still were able to drive off with the stolen cars.

"That's really surprising to me knowing that there's security there that you would feel free to come in  and bust the parking lot unless, to me, you know something," Vera Cunningham said. She's a concerned resident.

FOX 2 reached out to Chrysler and they said they are looking into this incident but they also make it clear that they don't own the lot. According to signage at the lot, it's owned by Cassens Transport.  

FOX 2 spoke to a manager at the company who refused to comment on the incident.

Chrysler officials said they are working with Detroit Police regarding the theft of several vehicles, including one from another automaker, from a shipping yard managed by a third party early Sunday morning. As this is an open investigation, the Company is not commenting any further on what vehicles were stolen or how they were stolen.

This is not the first time Chrysler has had vehicles stolen from a lot. Earlier this year, Warren police say they were called to the Chrysler Plant off Mound Road after suspects broke into a gate and took off with as many as 10 Ram trucks.

"Seems like they are going from lot to lot," concerned resident James Foster said. 

Police did not indicate if the thefts are connected. Investigators are reviewing surveillance video in hopes that it will lead them to the suspects and the cars they bodly took from this lot.