Detroit Police launch new ad campaign to attract candidates

The Detroit Police Department is searching for police officer candidates. The department has launched a campaign to attract officers to apply for positions in the department.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Police department says DPD is one of the best police agencies in the country in terms of the percentage of female officers working and has made great strides in increasing minority numbers. However, events like this can help to bring the department closer to parity. 

Detroit Police reported the city had increased the number of officers hired since 2015 by 520 percent, but 2017 was the best year for that metric, with about 55 fewer officers hired in 2019.

Police emphasize applying for a job has never been easier, and can be done from a phone.
The recruitment campaign is not exclusive to Detroit, but it is focused on the city.

Jency Payne a Detroit Police Recruiting Officer tells Fox 2's Hilary Golston,

 "As our city is constantly growing, our department definitely needs to grow with it and even though we are hiring throughout the country, you don't have to be directly from Detroit. Why notwe need our police department to reflect our community," Payne said. 

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