Detroit police officer, brother face charges in wedding reception shooting

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A Detroit police officer was in court Wednesday on charges stemming from a shooting incident at a wedding reception.

Diamond Greenwood, 26, was allegedly drunk when it happened.

"I told her that it was a damn shame that we've got the Detroit police in here and to be acting like this, like you're a damn animal," said a witness. "That is what I said."

Greenwood is accused of whipping out her gun at a wedding reception and her brother is accused of firing it. Witnesses described the chaos during the preliminary exam for Greenwood and 24-year-old Duane Catchings. 

"We see a gun being displayed," said the witness.

Attorney: "Who did you see displaying the gun? 

"This woman right here," he said.

Attorney: "Can you describe how Ms. Greenwood was displaying the gun?"

"In the air," the witness said.

Catchings is facing charges of discharging a firearm at a building and felon in possession. Wayne County prosecutors say last October during a packed reception on Stern Street near Livernois, a fight broke out.

Attorney: "Who started pushing and shoving?"

"Everybody," the witness said.

Attorney: "How many people are we talking about?"

"About 15 on each side," the witness said. "Everybody in commotion."

Witnesses say after the large brawl became violent they heard a gunshot. Prosecutors say Greenwood pointed the gun at a 29-year-old man before leaving the building. 

"Once that gunshot (went) off, everybody scatters," the witness said. 

Attorney: "When you say scatters are they going towards an exit?"

"Yes," he said. "The next thing I know; I hear more gunshots."

Despite witnesses seeing Greenwood with the gun, prosecutors say at some point Catchings had Greenwood's weapon and fired it while inside. 

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"Mr. Catchings reached over everybody that was standing in front of the door with the gun, and tried to put it over everybody and fired a gun," the witness testified.

The preliminary exam for both Greenwood and Catchings continues next Wednesday.