Detroit police search for man who stole car that triggered Amber Alert

An Amber Alert issued over the weekend ended on a positive note after Detroit police recovered both the missing 3-year-old and the stolen vehicle she was taken in. 

But the investigation isn't over for police, who are searching for the suspect that took the vehicle in the first place. 

"I want to be clear, it was not a carjacking," said Detroit deputy chief Kari Sloan. "This was a straight steal and the child just happened to be in the vehicle and anytime a child is involved, it escalates our response exponentially."

Kemahanni King was returned to her family unharmed on Saturday.

According to Detroit police, the vehicle that King was in was parked at a gas station on Schoolcraft near Greenfield. A man in a green-colored camouflaged jacket stole the vehicle from the location with the girl sitting in the back seat.

Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, the child was located on Joy and Braille. The stolen vehicle was found not too far away.

"We know that the vehicle was parked and she was left inside of the vehicle. Our assumption at this point is that she walked away from the vehicle and was later found by a citizen," said Sloan.

Sloan said police are interested in speaking with the man, who was caught on camera. In addition to the camo jacket, he was also wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. He could face charges of child endangerment, among others.

"Well we certainly want to talk to him. We want to get him in and speak with him about what his motivation for this was," said Sloan.