Detroit public schools kick off summer with new recruiting campaign

The Cass Tech marching band was out and burgers were on the grill. It was a fun day at Nolan Elementary -- the last day of school. But for the Detroit Public Schools Community District, it's the first day of a new campaign to re-commit, reinvent, and re-brand.

The new logo is a rising sun with the words "Students Rise. We All Rise." underneath. The new superintendent, Dr. Nicolai Vitti acknowledged up front the hard work the district has to do to make that new motto a reality.

"To talk about transformation is to talk about improving the quality of our services and the experiences of our employees," he said. 

And that's the focus. The district sought feedback from 800 stakeholders from inside and outside the district  to arrive at the new tagline and logo.

"This is a new beginning for traditional public education in Detroit and that's why we've moved forward with the sun," Dr. Vitti said. 

"We're going to continue to thrive on this journey," said DPSCD Board President Dr. Iris Taylor. 

It's a journey that will start with a new website for the district, launching in August. Commercials over the summer will also work to recruit teachers and families, all promoting the district with its new brand.

"There's a commitment, there's a dedication and there's a refocus on children - and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to rebuild the district with students being first," said Dr. Vitti. "And I do think that this allows us to remind people that we're here for children."