Detroit School Board announces lawsuit against state of Michigan

The Detroit School Board is announcing a class action lawsuit against the state and Gov. Snyder later Thursday morning. It's on behalf of families with students in the school system.

Those filing the lawsuit says these students' lifelong opportunities have been destroyed since state officials took over the district in 1999.

They list a number of reasons they are upset with the district, including overcrowded classrooms, rat infestations, inexperienced staff and a series of three emergency managers that have been running the district. All of those combined, they say, make DPS go from one of the best-perfoming school districts in the country to one of the worst.

The attorney that's handling the case described it as the Flint crisis on steroids. He's taking on this case pro bono because he feels it's important for the children to have a voice.

"They have to look in the mirror themselves and accept responsibility because it was the state that did it. It was the state that took away the control, emasculated the school board and now they want to blame it on the school board. I just don't think that's fair," says attorney Thomas H. Bleakley.

The details of the class action lawsuit will be further explained outside the Fisher Building at 11 a.m. Members of the Detroit school board, the attorney and parents are expected to be there.

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Gov. Snyder was also named in another class action lawsuit just yesterday, regarding the Flint water crisis. You can read more about that here