Detroit 'ShotStopper' groups get contracts renewed as program sees homicide, shooting reductions

The six community groups tasked with reducing crime in some of the most violent areas of Detroit had their contracts renewed during Tuesday's city council meeting.

With a year in the field, ShotStopper teams staged in different neighborhoods around Detroit have been successful in reducing murders and non-fatal shootings across the board.

Detroit Friends and Family, Detroit Peoples Community, Force Detroit, and New Era CC were all awarded year-long contract renewals, while Detroit 300 and Wayne Metro were given three-month extensions. 

The reason for the difference is the first four groups have seen "significant improvement" an official with the city told councilmembers. The other two have also had progress, "but need some additional time to refine their tactics and reach the same level of impact as the other groups."

According to the Detroit Police Department, there's been a 20.2% drop in violent crime in neighborhoods in the city that aren't Community Violence Intervention zones. Five of the six areas targeted for specialized intervention have seen more improvement.

Community Violence Intervention

Data from the Detroit Police Department compared homicide and non-fatal shooting data across two time periods: February to April in 2023 and February to April in 2024. 

Across the entire city, not including CVI zones, there were four fewer murders and 27 fewer non-fatal shootings. Chief James White has celebrated the city's One Detroit Partnership with aiding the department in reducing violent crime. 

This week, he promised to expand the partnership amid reports of an uptick in shootings over the weekend.

The story is even better in the six CVI zones where community groups have been working to reduce crime:

  • Detroit 300 - 42.2% drop in violent crime
  • Detroit Friends & Family - 33.3% drop in violent crime
  • Detroit Peoples Community - 22.2% drop in violent crime
  • Force Detroit - 66.6% drop in violent crime
  • New Era CC - 52.9% drop in violent crime
  • Wayne Metro - 9% drop in violent crime

For a closer look at what areas each community group is selected to monitor, check the graphic below: