Detroit Tigers fans greeted to a freezing Opening Day

It appears that if the warnings about avoiding downtown aren't enough to keep non-ticket holders away from the city, then freezing temperatures on a cold start to April just might.

For the 8,200 fans that have tickets to the Detroit Tigers opening day, they're in for a chilly start to the season. They'll have some rules to abide by as well, the mayor has said in the week leading up to the game.

But for those that don't have a ticket, the message is clear: stay away.

"We are asking you if you don't have a ticket to the game, please do not come into the city," said Mayor Mike Duggan. "The people in the ballpark will be socially distanced and will be safe."

"What we don't have the room is for a lot of other people to be coming down and tailgating outside."

Public officials have been particularly concerned about the recent spike in new cases of COVID-19. Even so, Comerica Park will be about 20% full by game time. The fans will be spread out to ensure safety.

Typically, downtown Detroit on opening day looks more like a holiday than the start of baseball. Bars are full, tailgating is lively, and there's lots of drinking. But this year, the city hasn't even received a permit for an outdoor tailgate. 

The bars and restaurants downtown are only operating at 50%, but will still take patrons as they come. 


"Detroit is always up and coming. We always go through trials. It's just another step for us. Detroit always comes back better than ever," said Josh Duncan, general manager of Tin Roof Detroit.

A word to those who are attending the game. The stadium is only scanning electronic barcodes. That means any ticket-holders will need to get the MLB BallPark App.