Detroit travelers return from Italy amid coronavirus outbreak

Health officials in Washington state have confirmed there are now six deaths tied to the coronavirus outbreak. Now travelers are concerned, especially as they return from abroad where the pace of infection is higher.

Count Julie Miller among those concerned. She was traveling home from Italy and landed at Detroit Metro Airport on Monday. She said when they arrived in Itay, they were being screened for fevers but landing back in the U.S. was a different story.

"When we flew into Florence they had people taking temperatures," Miller said. "They asked where we went and when I said Italy they said what areas and they asked if I saw any sick people and I said no."

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The return home comes two days after the Trump Administration said it was raising the travel advisory level for parts of South Korea and Italy. In fact, officials report that Italy has the most Coronavirus cases outside of Asia.

"We had our trip planned for some time and we called ahead and asked at the hotel what conditions were like," Miller said.

Airlines are now taking precautions as Delta announced it was suspending U.S. flights to Milan until May 1st. American Airlines also suspended Milan flights through April 24th.

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But pilots wonder if suspending flights is sufficient for the safety of an airline crew and pilots 

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"Pilots are looking for is a voluntary basis on which they can take on theses flights," said Captain Dennis Tajer with the Allied Pilots Association.