Detroit woman, 86, says company's trucks dumped dirt on her lots

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Clara Matthews says she takes pride in her house and lots adjacent to her home which she purchased. 

Matthews, 86, says she spotted two big trucks on her grass on April 21st, marked Dani's. 

"I thought it was garbage people and I got to front door and they were dumping dirt on my property without my knowledge," she said. 

Matthews says she grabbed her pen and pad, got dressed and went outside. 

"They looked and saw I was taking notes and took off," she said. 

Matthews says she was able to get the U-S Department of Transportation number and a name that was detailed on the vehicles. 

"Dani's Truck and I saw a lot of numbers," Matthews said. "And I took them down."

Matthew says she wondered why the dirt was not put in the ground nearby where a demolished house once stood.

"Put it in the basement where it belongs," she said.

When FOX 2 contacted Dani's a representative said his workers were not at that location on April 21 and to contact the city of Detroit.

Fox 2 reached out to city leaders and were told: 

"Although there is an ongoing demolition in the lot next door, the demolition contractor did not ordered dirt to fill the space so we do not know the origin of these piles.  

"We have referred this incident to the Detroit Police Department as a possible illegal dumping case and an investigator will be reaching out to the property owner." 

Matthews says no dumping signs will go up but for now she wants the dirt removed.

"I want dirt removed," she said. "They have been there four days now." 

City officials say they will make sure the piles of dirt are removed from this private property but first must conduct soil testing to determine the appropriate location to take the dirt. The piles should be removed within a couple of weeks.