Detroiters to get priority for 5,000 new FCA jobs - here's how

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On Thursday Fiat Chrysler announced that Detroiters will get priority for 5,000 new jobs at the newest plants.

"Detroiters get first shot at every one of those jobs, year in and year out," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

But to get priority for the jobs, you must be on a list, compiled by  And in order to sign up you have to meet some basic requirements, like being a resident of Detroit.

The other requirements are applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, pass a drug screening and possess a valid driver's license.

Fiat Chrysler will want all the above and will conduct an interview and give you about a 40-minute math and mechanical test, for an assessment.  But don't be nervous, Detroit at Work will help you with everything.  

"You will be coming to Detroit at Work, we will give you a basic math and basic mechanical reasoning assessment, so you know where you stand where your skills are, and then we are going to offer referrals to tutoring," said Nicole Shepard-Freeman, president and CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions.

When Fiat Chrysler announces that it will be conducting interviews for the jobs likely at the end of summer, Detroiters will get priority for the first four weeks. But if you live in the 48- 213, 214, or 215 zip code, or are a veteran, or a returning citizen (meaning you have a felony in your background) you get priority in the first two weeks of job interviews.  

We are told that the only way to get an interview with Fiat Chrysler is you have to be on a list at Detroit at Work. However, there are scammers out there that if you pay them some money they will get you on the list - however it is not true it's a scam.

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